Northampton School of Dance
141 E Damon Road  |  northampton, ma 01060  |  413.582.7099  |  email:
Thank you for voting NSD "Best Dance
Studio" for a 6th year in a row!
Class Dates:
Classes will begin Tuesday, September 3.  NSD will be closed Thursday, October 31, November 27 – 30,  December 23
– January 1, February 17 – 22, April 20 – 25, and May 25 to coincide with school vacations.   Monday holidays are not
typically observed at NSD with the exception of Labor Day and Memorial Day.   

Class Cancellation:
Please call the studio line (413) 582-7099, during the winter months to determine if classes have been cancelled. Class
cancellations will be made by 3 pm. We will also send out emails notifying you of cancellation and post it on our
Facebook page. If the studio closes, dancers will be allowed to make up their missed class(es) in a class of the same
ability level.   

Class Visitation:
Parents and visitors are not allowed in the classroom with student to observe class other than during the scheduled
visitation weeks.  The presence of either party is a distraction to the students during class.  The visitation weeks will be
held every other month and the dates will be as follows:  October 14 – 19, December 9 – 14, February 10 – 15 and April
6 – 11.  It is important for parents to see their child’s work, however please try not to distract your child or the class.